water less future for india???

Sometimes I feel the human psyche prefers staying in self created utopian world and often opts to overlook nature’s critical confrontation. Whether one wants to believe it or not climate change is creating serious impact on each of ours future. Fragile ecosystem world over is getting affected and leading to an appalling future.
Latest reports revealed by the Indian Meteorological Department, warn that the Himalayan glaciers could disappear completely by 2035 if the earth continues to warm at its current rate. The tip of Kolhai glacier in Kashmir, one of the largest glaciers in the Himalayas, had receded by almost 22 metres in 2007 while several smaller glaciers have disappeared completely. The Himalayan glaciers are the reserve of India’s three great rivers basins, the Ganga, Indus, Barahmaputra. Due to the earth warming up process, about 70% of glaciers are diminishing at a startling a terrifying rate.
Environmentalist and geologist fear that the Himalayan glaciers are melting down faster than any other in the world. The freshwater supply is unquestionably getting affected due to the glacial vanishing act and hence causing adverse effects on the biodiversity. Future repercussions of these natural alterations portray the appalling truth of heading towards a future resulting in water shortage and other consequences like allusion on regional food shortage, flash floods followed by droughts, rise in river and sea level etc. Besides the water shortage for millions of people and irrigation, the outcome of this upheaval will affect the aquatic ecosystem.

The latest report of UNEP almost confirms this dismaying prediction, the experts warn about the probability of half the world facing water shortage by next 60-70 years that is by 2080. Disrupting water flow patterns and increasing severity of natural upheavals like floods, droughts and storms are all leading to diminution of drinking water table. Asia, especially India and China which are already suffering the outfall of over population are being considered to be the most vulnerable target of this disastrous forecast.

Do these reports sound very far fetching and distant?? Are we thinking it’s too far in future for us to bother?? But, it is not, even though the ecologists are warning us of a possible future menace, the evidences of these forthcomings are already all around us and being felt by us, each of us. During a period when the escalating population is posing a threat to the country, I dread to visualize the future of children who are being born even as I type this article. Is this what we call the development of our country, a “water-less” future for upcoming generations??


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